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Building Long and Lasting Friendships

by Sophie Jones last modified 2014-08-27 14:43

Welcome to the University of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland Foundation


We are an independent 501c (3) charity which aims to promote education, particularly amongst marginalized populations.  We believe that providing access to higher education to the broadest range of people is vital and we want to support institutions that make this happen. We are raising funds in support of buildings, academic leaders, teaching programs and research.  The University of the Highlands and Islands is one institution which we believe can help achieve our objectives and we hope you can support the foundation and our aspirations.*  

We invite prospective USA donors to connect and learn more. This is a unique opportunity to connect to your Scottish ancestral roots as well as ignite a passion to learn more about a distinctive educational model, fascinating region and culture.

Discover how you can support this unique University.

 *The Foundation and the UK university entitled the University of the Highlands and Islands share the same interests but are completely separate organizations.  The Foundation has no obligation to support the new University and will determine for itself what it wants to support with its funds.


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